The final bells ring, are you listening?
To you, we are about to bring
Three days of joy, thrill and fun
Feelings poured out, and tales spun
In our literary wonderland.

A mere 3 day wait stands between you and utter jollification

MERAKI- The English Literary Society of SGGSCC, presents to you its Annual Fest, SESHAT’19.

An online event where all you have to do is write a story using the picture provided, and include as many puns as you can.

What’s in a Name?
Take a familiar title, and write an unfamiliar story!

Script it!
A platform where you get to recreate the iconic bollywood scene with your imagination and creativity. A muted bollywood scene is what you get and a time defying script is what we expect.

Let(ter) it out
Pen a letter to stuff under your carpet and let it reach from pen to people.

(VERSE)ATILE- The Symphony of Souls
A Slam Poetry Competition.

To take part, register now!

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