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List of features don’t sell. Specific stories do

Learn to tell a story that captures trust, builds relationships and inspires your audience to make decisions beyond pure logical calculations.

What am I getting myself into?

  • Spread over a month, the bootcamp will take you to a journey where you’ll get to take a deep dive into the world of sales and storytelling.
  • We start with familiarising you to the basic tips and tricks cause basics are important. From the 7 rules of prospecting, story telling, the 5 second rule, Pre-framing, Tonality to managing your pain and action thresholds and finally the art of closing, you get a taste of literally everything.
  • Once you’re done, we start with some advanced sales maneuvers. A live project along with team activities and case study discussions helps you to implement what you’ve learnt. There’s homework too. Yes, you have to watch every movie that we make you watch and read every book that we make you read.





  • Founder of Young Engine , India’s most Premium Youth Community.
  • Professor at Bada Business, the brainchild of Vivek Bindra.
  • Interviewed more than 1500+ students for Uber, Oyo, Lenskart etc.
  • Cleared interviews of 7 IIMs and companies like Uber, Aditya Birla Group etc.
  • Mentored 5000+ students for interviews .

Who is your MENTOR?


A Street car racer turned into a social media marketer, founder of Internet Mogulus. Won 18 Best speaker awards at international speaking events in Vancouver London Dubai India.


Co-founder of Hapramp Studios and Project Parwaaz. An IIItian who aims at Mixing Technology and Spirituality. Obsessed with Productivity Experiments. Spoken at Conferences in India, Poland, Thailand & Ukraine


Ex- Microsoft Advertising Director, Co-founder Octane Marketing, Mentor/Advisor



A Statistician by profession, a Harward Alumnus, passionate about sales and aim to work in a challenging environment where I can put my core competencies in research, strategic planning and marketing to best use.


10 Day Recorded Sessions

Learn at your own pace through pre-recorded sessions focusing on the subject matter, 3 hours each.

5 Days Live Sessions

Try out everything you’ve learnt in the recorded sessions, get your doubts cleared, discuss case studies and relate it to the real world.

5 Day Team Activities

Practice what you’ve learnt with your fellow batchmates. Learn, compete and improve your craft.

Fun Homework   

You get movies to watch and books to read as homework to learn how people mastered this skill and how they’ve reached where they are.

Bonus Sessions by Special Guests

Bonus mentor sessions by our special guests will keep on adding more value to what you’ve learnt.


PART 1 : The Starting Point

Welcome module

  • Introduction
  • What to expect?
  • How to get the most out of this course.
PART 1 : The Starting Point

The Check Point

Building Growth Mindset & Goal Setting

  • How to build a growth mindset.
  • How to set goals.
  • How to start working towards achieving your goal.
The Check Point

The Final Stop

How to Influence People

  • Character v/s Personality Ethics
  • How to build relationships.
  • How to make people like you
The Final Stop

PART 2: The Starting Point

Introduction to Sales

  • Basic Principles of Sales
  • Straight line Sales system, 5- Second Rule etc.
  • Rapport Building and Body Language
PART 2: The Starting Point

The Check Point

Lead Generation

  • Network effect
  • Cold Calling
  • Collaborations
The Check Point

The Final Stop

Advance Sales

  • 7 Rules of Prospecting
  • Script Writing
  • Story Telling
The Final Stop

Part 3: The Starting Point


  • Pre-framing 
  • Handling rejections
  • Tonality
Part 3: The Starting Point

The Check Point

Closing a Sale

  • 3 Types of Scarcity
  • Looping
  • Action Threshold
The Check Point

The Final Stop

Sell Yourself

  • Get called for interviews.
  • Tricks to succeed at interviews.
The Final Stop



  • How to craft and perform sales pitches/elevator pitches.
  • Basic sales principles.
  • To Master the Art of Selling Yourself.
  • Advanced sales techniques like keeping a check on your tone, managing your thresholds, the art of closing etc.
  • How to perform due diligence, take follow-ups, practice and improve your craft etc.
  • How to handle rejection and learn from your mistakes.
  • To boost your confidence and communication skills.
  • To prepare for interviews and how to ace those interviews. 

A- Yes,  a certificate will be provided to the individuals upon the successful completion of Boot Camp.

A- A masters degree would be of no use if you don’t know how to sell yourself.

A- The Bootcamp will be spread over a month with 10 Recorded Sessions of 3 hours each, 5 Live Sessions, 5 Team Activities, Mentor Sessions, Homework etc.

A- The only prerequisite you need to have is the will to learn.

A-  It’s better to start early rather than keep waiting until it’s too late.

  • You get to try out everything that you learn in the recorded sessions, get your doubts cleared, discuss case studies etc.
  • You will prepare for job interviews like an absolute PRO.
  • It's based on real-life proven principles.
  • It's well-structured, effective and practical.
  • It's been developed from the ground up with a focus on quality.
  • You get to practice what you’ve learnt with your fellow batchmates, network with them, compete with them for exclusive bonuses 
  • It's value for money. You’ll gain more that you spend.
  • You will get the inside scoop on all my future courses and exclusive access to internship/placement opportunities.

A- The Bootcamp is an interactive, uniquely designed, professionally tested course, spread over a month where you get 10 Recorded Sessions, 5 Live Sessions, 5 Team Activities, Offline Meetups, Mentor Sessions etc. Do I need to go any further!!

A- Yes, you’ll get to practise everything that you learn. You’ll be given live projects where you’ll be able to improve your craft and earn incentives.

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