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Have you ever seen a court proceeding?
Well, what about being a part of it? 🕵️
Are you intrigued by the Supreme Court’s judgement on Sabarimala and it’s aftermath discourse? Do you believe you could force through your definition of morality in conjunction with the philosophy of Constitution of India?
Bringing to you the best opportunity to brush up your debating skills and present your case on Sabarimala Judgement context. The MOOT point is : Constitutional morality prevails over public morality in India.
When it comes to intellectual combat, there is no better way than expressing yourselves, vehemently yet subtly. Your words should sync with logic and reasoning. And there is no better way to crush your opponents inside a courtroom, fighting with your mighty words! 🗣️
We expect debating stalwarts of Delhi circuit to participate and unleash their debating skills! ⚖️✒️
Date 19th February 2019
Time 1 p.m. onwards
College Auditorium

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